Zilan Pressure Cooker Set ZLN0676

Zilan knows how to speed up the preparation of every meal, while maintaining its nutritional value unchanged.

With the Zilan Pressure Cooker set it is like having two 5 and 7 litres pressure cookers
and two 5 and 7 litres pots. One utensil can be used during the cooking process,
which can be converted from a pressure cooker to a pot only by changing the lid.
That reduces time and utensils that need washing.

Fast cooking under pressure retains more vitamins in food, especially water-soluble ones,
as they do not boil for a long time.

Safety locking system on the lid of the pressure cooker
Glass pot lid
Three-layer bottom in both utensils
Uniform heat distribution
Made of stainless steel
Inox color
Ergonomically designed handles
Suitable for all hobs


Height: 16cm, Diameter: 18cm, Capacity: 5Lt
Height: 20cm, Diameter: 18cm, Capacity: 7Lt