Vitarid-R is the in-home bike that exercises arms and legs from the comfort of your home. Includes a FREE calorie, distance and rep counting monitor.

Compact, light and easy to assemble, Vitarid-r also includes foot-rollers to stimulate the feet and encourage circulation.

Vitarid-r has different resistance levels so you can adjust the bike to suit your capabilities for hand, arm and leg strengthening. Can even be used outdoor

It helps with:

  • Lower cholesterol and improve heart health
  • Improve the condition of the joints and the pains of stiffness
  • The secret of VITARID-R is a new form of exercise called “continuous action”. A low-stress exercise for spectacular results.
  • It is ideal for all ages and especially for adults and the elderly.
  • It is fully customizable for all user sizes.
  • It has adjustable resistance levels so it is ideal for both beginners and advanced.