Shadazzle – Multi-use Eco-friendly Cleaner – Polish for all surfaces

Shadazzle is a powerful cleansing formula that draws its strength from 100% natural ingredients,
while being completely free of chemicals and phosphates.

Therefore, it is the most environmentally friendly cleaner, as it is completely biodegradable.
It cleans and polishes everything without effort! It respects every surface without damaging it,
leaving behind a protective layer that prevents any dirt from sticking to the clean spot.

It does not cause skin irritation.

Using it is simpler than anything. All your clients have to do is:

1.Wet the sponge
2.Rub it on the shadazzle
3.Press with their palm until it foams
4.Clean the surface they want
5.Dry with a clean, dry towel.

Its ingredients are completely natural:
White clay
Vegetable oil
Vegetable glycerin
Lemon aroma

They do not contain:
Chemical phosphates