Royalty Line Set of 5 knives with marble coating & ceramic peeler RL-MB5

The complete set of RL-MB5 of Royalty Line will equip every kitchen with extra durable and sharp knives ideal for every use. The non-stick coating of marble will turn any material into “butter”, for incredibly easy cutting, and at the same time will keep the bacteria away. The knives have impressive ergonomic and non-slip handles that enhance safety and style in everyday cooking.

They are made of high quality stainless steel and non-stick marble.

The set includes:

1 Chef Knife 20 cm.
1 Bread knife 15 cm.
1 Multi-purpose knife 13 cm.
1 Knife for pizza 11.5 cm.
1 Peeling knife 9 cm.
1 Ceramic Peeler