Reumatic Pure Gold Organic Cream for muscle pain relief with black poplar extracts 220g R-100702


Pure Gold Organic is inspired by nature and its powerful ingredients create products that can be allies in your health and well-being.

Rheumatic Cream utilizes in-depth extracts from the stem/bud of Black Poplar (Populus Nigra Bud Extract), known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for the muscles. Black poplar is helpful in case of arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle aches.

It is an excellent choice for application after exercise or training. It has a cooling effect, offering a feeling of coolness and relief.

In combination with camphor, which has mild analgesic properties, it contributes to the increase of local blood circulation and acts as a mild local analgesic.

Suitable for relieving pain and discomfort in muscles and joints, in rheumatism and sciatica.

After exercise, it helps repair minor injuries such as bruises, sprains and sprains.

Relaxes muscles, relieves tired legs, improves circulation.

It has a cooling effect, moisturizes the tissues, and leaves a feeling of relief.

How to use: Apply with a gentle massage with circular movements of the hands twice a day at the points of interest. Suitable for full body massage. After application, it leaves a feeling of relief and freshness.

! Keep in a cool and dry place away from light, heat, and humidity.