Nutri Express Nutrient Extraction Blender

Nutri Express is an innovative nutrient extraction system that will allow your clients to get healthy juices and / or healthy soups full of vitamins and nutrients.

This is not a common blender, but a device that will pump up to the last drop of their food while maintaining all healthy nutrients unchanged.

100% natural aroma and taste, 100% vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A single appliance will replace many of the ones your clients may already have in their kitchen or plan to acquire:

  • It mixes
  • Grinds
  • Stirs
  • Mashes
  • Chops
  • Blends

The secret of its success lies in the powerful engine that rotates at 17 thousand rpm, speed that is incomparably higher than

most blenders on the market and the innovative piranha design of its blades, which do not forgive even the toughest food.


Air-cooled engine
17,000 rotations per minute
Multifunctional blade
Stainless steel plate
Dust cover
2 speed levels
Passive operation
Power: 220W


One container (500 ml)
One container (250 ml)
One container (1 liter) + one lid
A stirred lid with holes
Drink cap with mouthpiece
A piranha design blade