HomeVero Steam Cleaner HV-18362


The HomeVero steam cleaner kills 99.9% of germs without
the use of chemicals and is ideal for eliminating grease, dirt
and bacteria. Just add water, wait only 4-5 minutes for it to
warm up and it is ready to use.

• Special double safety cap on the activation button to
avoid accidents
• General purpose and pointed head
• Head for glass surfaces and windows
• Injector nozzle with orifice angle
• Round brush
• Washable cleaning cloth
• Funnel and measuring cup

• Power: 1050 W
• Pressure: 3.2 bar
• Continuous steam working 8min
• Water tank capacity: 350ml
• Steam heat 110℃
• Power cord: 3 meters
• Power supply: 220-240V-50-60Hz
• 25g-30g/min steam flow
• Dimensions: 28.5 x 14.5 x 22.5 cm