HomeVero Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill HV-24146


Homevero, with absolute know-how in the field of cooking and inspired by the high standards of aesthetics, aims to equip every kitchen arsenal with the Smokeless Grill, which is committed to make the preparation of every meal fast and healthy, free from unnecessary fats.

Help your clients experience the ultimate grill in their own home but without the annoying smoke and unwanted smells. The Smokeless Grill is an electric cooking device. The grill itself is a source of heat, while the fats drip into the waste tray below, which stays cool and thus no smoke is created from the burnt fats.

Every detail is there to optimize the cooking experience:

  • Cast iron grill for even baking and “locking” of moisture inside for juicy roasts
  • Non-stick copper coating for light dishes free of many calories
  • Thermostat for complete control
  • Detachable grill for easy cleaning
  • Waste collection tray at the bottom to get rid of excess fat


Grill material: cast iron
Coating material: copper
Grill plate suitable for dishwasher
Overall size: 41 x 32 cm
Plate size: 32 x 23 cm
Power: 1000 W
Voltage: 220-240 V