Dr. Ming Tea Slimming formula tea DMT2

Dr Ming tea is a slimming formula with natural extracts of Asian origin that aims to speed up metabolism and burn fat faster.

Its natural ingredients are harmoniously combined for 100% effectiveness in weight loss:

Citrus aurantium: high in synafrin which has been shown to enhance fat burning

  • Green tea: strengthens and stimulates the metabolism
  • Citronella: fights fatigue and stress, while helping to treat headaches
  • Bitter orange leaves: increase energy levels
  • Cardamom: diuretic properties for the elimination of toxins

And in order for the ingredients to retain their properties unchanged, revolutionary methods of harvesting and extraction are used, with the result that each sachet contains high-quality natural ingredients.

Dr Ming Tea tea is free of chemical additives, artificial flavors and preservatives.


  • Boost metabolism with faster fat burning
  • Limit appetite
  • Stimulation of mood and energy
  • Stress reduction
  • Body detoxification

Packaging contains 2 boxes x 30 satchets.

Recommended dose: 2 cups of tea daily in the morning and in the afternoon after each meal