Dr HO CIRCULATION PROMOTER Muscle Pain Control System

The device Dr. The Promoter Circular operates on the basis of electromuscular stimulation, issuing pulsed waves.

3 massage functions

Vibration intensity: [1] moderate – [2] intense – [3] light

The set includes:

  • The Pain Therapy Circulation Promoter device
  • The device with superstimulating soles
  • 2 large and 4 smaller square gel pads
  • Electrodes for different parts of the body
  • Storage case for accessories
  • Instructional DVD and instructions for use.
  • + GIFT 1 pair of pads for the soles for immediate relief of the lower extremities.

Spare gel pads are available

  • 2 large gel patches at € 12
  • 4 small gel patches at € 12
  • 2 large + 4 small at 20 €

It is clinically proven that in 20 minutes:

  • Significantly reduces chronic pain.
  • Relieves the intensity of muscle pain.
  • Increases muscle strength throughout the body.
  • Improves the circulatory system.
  • Activates nerves and muscles.
  • Reduces fluid retention.
  • Reduces swelling in the legs.

What diseases can be alleviated:

Muscle stress intensity. Fibromyalgia. Athletic injuries. Neck pain. Back pain. Joint pains. Headaches. Poor blood circulation in the legs. Injuries to the back and neck. Frequent numbness in the muscles. Sore Upper Shoulders. Sports related strains. Hip pain. Joint pain. Leg pains. Pulled hip. Poor blood circulation. Pulled quadriceps. Jaw pain. Tibia muscles pain. Shoulder numbness. Cramps in the calves. Wrist and hand pains. Tired legs. Knee and ankle pain. Shoulder and elbow pain. Relaxing and sleeping difficulty. Soles pain.


Operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Type of wave applied: multiple healing pulses wave.

Frequency radius: 1.0 – 250 Hz variable

Output: (+) (-) 130 V DC

Supply: 2AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries

Consumption: about 200mW

Time: 10 minutes / 20 minutes

Therapy methods: Massage 1 / Massage 2 / Massage 3