Contour Flip Pillow – Multifunctional Pillow for Pain Relief and Snoring

A quality pillow can ensure the right posture not only for the head and neck, but for the whole body.

That’s why the Contour Flip Pillow Multifunctional Pillow is a must have for your clients.

Flip Pillow automatically gets the shape needed to fit every curve of the body. It supports the spine and improves blood circulation.


  • Slight lift in sleep to avoid snoring
  • Comfortable stomach-friendly reading posture
  • Align the spine while sitting
  • Comfortable posture in the armchair
  • Body support for sleeping face down or on the side
  • Knee lift to relax the back muscles
  • Lifting legs to relieve tired soles

It is 100% made of polyester. It has multiple levels of support to fit your clients’ needs perfectly each time.

Folding it is great for sitting on, while it turns directly into an ideal sleeping pillow when unfolding it.

It can be sold together as a bundle with Contour Flip Pillow Case, in white color.