Cavitat Ultrasonic

Ultrasound liposculpture device for excess fat and cellulite for face and body


Cavitat Ultrasonic Liposculpture Device uses ultrasound cavitation technology, an innovation that liquefies excess fat and is then eliminated through the lymphatic system in the urine. It will be like doing liposculpture but without the surgery.

Cavitat Ultrasonic creates tiny bubbles in the subcutaneous adipose tissue that create pressure to break down the fat structure and release the fatty acids that are safely eliminated.

It offers shaping, smoothing, and toning all over the body and face.

For the body:

  • Get rid of annoying cellulite
  • Fight relaxation in the arms and legs
  • Get a thinner waist
  • Lose points faster
  • Tone your skin giving it a healthy, youthful look
  • Get rid of excess fat locally

For the face:

  • Improve the texture of the face
  • Get more tightening
  • Fight expression lines on eyes and lips